So what – or rather who – is The Verbalist?

He’s a whole variety of things:
The Verbalist abroad (New Zealand, to be exact)

  • a creative writer building his own online presence
  • a professional copywriter/editor experimenting with a new form/medium/channel for personal activity
  • a man thinking aloud about things that interest him and he thinks may in some way interest, amuse or entertain others.

In the wider world, I string words together for a living, and notes together (as a guitar player) for entertainment. I am also an avid cook: I’m not a chef (they’re trained and they know techniques), but I love to cook for my partner and for friends.

I’m fascinated by all manner of things: human behaviour, quirky parallels between things, and the inter-connected nature of the planet.

If you want a preliminary list of inspiring people, here’s a first stab:

  • Brian Eno (for the thinking more than the music)
  • Steven Johnson
  • William Golding, Michael Ondaatje, BS Johnson (and many more I’ll remember later) for novels; Thom Gunn, Rosemary Tonks, Mebdh McGuckian, WS Graham for their poetry
  • Gerry McGovern (whose Nua Thinking has/had an erratic brilliance)

I hope you’ll enjoy reading, and that some of you may occasionally comment.


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