Birkbeck Poets 6: I’d like to thank 19 people…

_DSC5084 We’d fretted in the run-up. Would the weather break, and the rain tether people to their sofas and tellies? Would the people that had said they would come actually turn out on the night? Would the sat-nav get the jazz band from Buckinghamshire without losing them forever, somewhere on a left turn off the North Circular?

All silly thoughts, as it turned out. Outside the Duke of Wellington, the weather may not have been what you might call peak barbecue. But inside, the sixth outing of the Birkbeck Poets was warm with wit, insight and the not inconsiderable impact of a roomful of bodies. An MC’s nightmares are many and various, but all of the following soothed and allayed them with contributions that were, by turns, eloquent with humour, with observation and experience of fantasy and foible, and with insights into the emotional tapestry of humanity, and thank you to each and every one of them:

  • _DSC5128_editedColette Batterbee
  • Hetty Baynes-Russell
  • Geraldine Bhoyroo
  • Andrew Christiansen
  • Jim Conwell
  • Amanda Crane
  • Martina Evans
  • Susan Greenhill
  • _DSC5129_editedGeorge Hassabis
  • Melvyn Jones
  • Walter Jones
  • Len Lukowski
  • Kirsten McLaughlin
  • Ian McNab
  • Golnoosh Nourpanah
  • Nicole Olmos
  • Consuelo Rafart
  • Fahima Sahabdee
  • _DSC5136_editedLesley Sharpe
  • Liane Strauss

Thanks are also very much due to Rich Moloney, without whom I would be a noddling guitarist rather than a Jazz Monkey – and without whom the songs would have had no words (surely an offence at a poetry evening?) – and to Luke Terry for taking the rather fine images you see here. (There will be more of these, we hope, on the Birkbeck Poets Facebook page in due course, with poems from some of the evening’s readers.)

But thank you most of all to everyone that was there for such a wonderful evening. Individual poets can, and do, bring a momentary (and sometimes lingering) mood, but the creation of such a warm and welcoming atmosphere takes the efforts of everyone. Our next evening will be on 20 September, and I hope you’ll be there again to bring that special atmosphere back to the room. And we’re now on Twitter too – please follow us @BirkbeckPoets



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