Curing Portnoy’s Complaint

Many thanks to the excellent hosts of Hubbub, the regular reading events organised by Writers’ Hub, who have uploaded an audio recording of my reading of the recent short story, Chestnuts, at their December event – you can hear it online at

As a writer, a gratifying way to end the year, albeit with a story that can hardly be described as an omen of good fortune in the months to come. (A story set in Bosnia in the spring of 1992 would, of course, find this difficult.) New Year’s Resolution to be made: more writing, more ruthless self-editing, maybe less frequent reading (still nerve wracking to do at this stage) and concentrate my energies on scaling the North Face of the Wrestling With A Novel mountain. What are the literary equivalent of crampons?



2 thoughts on “Curing Portnoy’s Complaint

  1. Literary equivalent of crampons? Always thought that that would be something with an opium base. Not recommended. Large G&Ts perhaps? Thanks for posting reading Dave. Enjoyed it. Catch-up soon I hope.

  2. Large G&T it is, then. (Crampons would get stuck in the keys anyway, surely!). Glad you liked it, monsieur – and season’s best to Lu and yourself from both of us.

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